Spin up a new server in minutes.  Scale down as needed.

Cost Effective

Pay only for what you use.  No more hardware upgrades.  Reduce your monthly electric cost.  Save on square footage building space.


Cloud7's unique combination of leading security platforms puts appropriate security measures in place to protect your organizations data.


Imagine racks of virtual servers anywhere in the world that form a massive pool of resources to create a "cloud" for your organization.

Once upon a time a corporate data center included software and hardware from a handful of big-name companies.  But over the last few years there has been revolution going on. Companies are shipping more and more apps into the cloud.  Cloud computing has evolved in a short period of time from being a buzz word to driving true business innovation. Outsourced, multi-tenant data centers have evolved from serving as a simple disaster recovery option to performing as the center of enterprise computing.  Layer 7 Data Solutions can walk you through what seems to be a scary process of going to the cloud.

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Security as a Service (SECaaS)

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